The two of us, the camera and the photograph

In our case, it is two persons that create the photograph. It is a mixture of two personalities, each with its own set of views and ideas. But photography is not mere press of the shutter. It is much more. A much bigger concept which permits for ideas to be merged and views to be equalized. What does it mean to create a photograph – or, to be exact, to be a photographer? To craft an idea, find a location, decide on the mood, set up the camera, select the point of view, decide on the settings or maybe just to push the button on the camera and see what happens? In the process of authorship, it is all of the above, and some occasions call for one thing and some for another. But probably the most important for the author is to expose their emotions and inner thoughts, just as if they were standing in front of the apparatus. And from this, something is created that someone else can understand as their own.

For us, the camera is an instrument. An instrument that allows us to step into the worlds that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. We can be brave explorers that passionately delve into the unknown and only our imagination is the limit. It is an instrument like a scalpel for the surgeon, an extension of their arm – nothing more and nothing less.

To take a photograph means that the two of us can simultaneously play the role of the director, scenographer and photographer, changing roles each time. Mastering, almost bending time and space to create seamless moments that will forever stay engraved in our heads for us and caught inside the paper for the viewers. What we strive for are emotions. To let our emotions fly uncontrolled and thus create a story the viewers can relate to. And then – and only then – the ultimate purpose was achieved: for the viewers to know more of us and for us to know more of them.

Mitja Ličar & Tilen Sotler

Exhibitions and selected works

Fosili z naših najdišč – exhibition, Knjižnjica Antona Sovreta, Hrastnik
Mali pivovarji – reportage, National Geographic Slovenija

Fosili z naših najdišč – reportage, National Geographic Slovenija (Best Edit award)
Fosili z naših najdišč – exhibition & interview, Knjižnjica Toneta Seliškarja, Trbovlje

Kolinearnost – exhibition, Fotogalerija Stolp, Maribor (FIAP)
Prizori v knjižnjici – exhibition, Muzej Šenčur, Šenčur
Prizori v knjižnjici – exhibition, DDT, Trbovlje

Prizori v knjižnjici – exhibition, Zasavje Noise Fest International, Trbovlje
Zasavska Industrijska dediščina – photo book from FKH members, FKH, Hrastnik
Zbogom, orožje, dobrodošli, spomini – reportage, National Geographic Slovenija
Nikonovi dnevi – lecture, D125, Ljubljana
Članska razstava – exhibition, Galerija FK, Jesenice
Potrtreti V-oglje – exhibition, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Hohr-Grenzhausn
Kolinearnost – exhibition, SVIT, Celjska kulturnica, Celje
Kolinearnost – exhibition, Galerija DD, Hrastnik

Projekcije – exhibition, Galerija RCR, Hrastnik
Razstava ob 80. letnici FKH – exhibition, Galerija DD, Hrastnik

Emzin – exhibition, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana (selection)
Slovenia Press Photo – exhibition, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana (honorable mention)
Zasavska Industrijska dediščina III. – exhibition, Galerija 19, Dol
Simpozij keramike V-Oglje – exhibition, Muzej Šenčur, Šenčur
Interpretacije – exhibition, Galerija DD, Hrastnik

Emzin – exhibition, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana (selection)
Pogled skozi okno – exhibition, Galerija DD, Hrastnik
Serija Počitnice – exhibition, Galerija ZD, Hrastnik

Zasavska Industrijska dediščina I. – exhibition, Galerija DD, Hrastnik
Portugalska v portretih – exhibition, Knjižnjica F.B. Nova Gorica
Konjeniške igre – exhibition, Galerija RCR, Hrastnik

Behind the photo

Fosili z naših najdišč
National Geographic Slovenia, 2016
Photography: Mitja Ličar, Tilen Sotler
Cinematography: Jaganath Produkcija
Music: www.bensound.com