Football is often a great passion element, but alas even division. This project was therefore set on a cultural vocation , aimed at deepening the history and legend of an unrivaled team. We therefore felt it was important to involve children, since it is our belief that the sports culture should be spread and cultivated right from the very first classes. on May 12, the day in that the documents, I imagine him as a day of celebration will be on display. ” The Invincibles – Franco Ossola, son homonymous flag of Grande Torino, wanted to tell the Invincibles: “My father was a striker of that great team, so I feel emotionally involved in this project and I could not escape. Il Grande Torino was something more than a team, it was a group of guys who represented Italy: they were ordinary people with deep humility. ” THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Nicola Cecere

November 29, 2018 – Milan from several quarters trying to figure out what the future of laptops. More and more “modular” (in the sense of a family of computers aimed at different users but share some characteristics) such as Microsoft Surface; supplanted by powerful tablet as the recent iPad Pro or a hybrid – the so-called 2-in-1 – ready to turn to the market demands?

Here he comes now in Italy the Miix 630 Lenovo, a cross between a laptop and a tablet, but with the “priority always connected.” The original proposal from the Chinese house (in search of new lives, after the decline of the classic notebook) is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform 835 rather than on Intel processors, and so it is a kind of computer in which you shake a smartphone. E ‘a device, in fact, that has as its main characteristic that it can be always used in mobility and anywhere, thanks to a 4G LTE connection integrated (and therefore without recourse to a hotspot), which is also more stable and 5/7 times faster than home modems, word of Lenovo. – The new 2-in-1 Lenovo is a so-called always-on and always connected thanks to a nano-sim to connect 4G ALWAYS ON – The Miix 630 is an “always-on”, that is, even in stand-by receiving emails and notifications, sync messages, making Skype calls, as in the latest mobile phones.

To do this, the Lenovo laptop needs a whole range of features it offers excellently. It has a battery that, according to the manufacturer, provides 20 hours of battery life (and so you can leave the charger at home), has a touchscreen display 12.3 “, it has a large backlit keyboard but detachable for those who wants to use it as tablet, it is fanless and therefore very quiet, very useful thing for those who use it in public spaces.

It also has a pen with 1024 levels of sensitivity (not just what the iPad Pro, but valid) and, above all, including the keyboard weighs only 1.33 pounds. Design object – square shapes, the aluminum – the Miix 630 “mounted” the Windows 10 S 1xbet registration, a simplified operating system (but you can go for free to the Pro version). and rate – The Miix 630 is available on the Italian market at € 999 bundled with the phone plan Supergiga Tim & Chat. It is estimated that by 2022 mobile data traffic will grow 10-fold, and new Internet users worldwide will be 4 billion, and Lenovo (but also Asus and HP have launched similar products) points strongly not to get burned. Massimo Arcidiacono  @ maxarcidiacono

February 23, 2019 – MilanoBologna, Mihajlovic: “Juventus are not unbeatable. I fear only my wife” After the defeat last round against Roma, Bologna for promises another complicated match against Juventus first in the standings. Sinisa Mihajlovic, however, is not afraid, and at the press conference said: “Juventus are the strongest team in Italy and among the strongest in Europe, but the recent Champions League match against Atletico hinted that they are not unbeatable.

If we play with we will make life difficult for courage and determination. I do not fear this match: scares me my wife alone. ” Sinisa praises Juve: “Example in all. CR7? Bought for Champions” training – Bologna coach then spoke of the training that will take the field tomorrow: “Every game is important and for this reason I will not make calculations based warned not to (Danilo, Mbaye and Pulgar, ed).

They will play the best. Samson is still not 100%, but in Rome it is unlocked by finding the goal. I am sure that tomorrow will be a great race. Even Ivy I expect more, must have greater courage. In general we are creating many scoring opportunities that did not concretize.

We must improve the implementation phase. I have yet to decide whether to start Lyanco holder or not, but it certainly is recovered. ” Gasport

August 20, 2016 – Milan The Roman Tania Di Mario, 37, the fourth Olympics. Ansa The final farewell: Tania Di Mario, pink lady dove for two decades, marking just the last goal in the last career of the final gameplay lost 5-12 to the benefit of American super strength. And Teresa Frassinetti, taking blows to mark the other: this time her friends have marked recently and it was a shame.

A competitive goodbye is always a significant moment, special, though crowned by an even more medals. Tania has been the link between past and future of the Italian women’s water polo, the trade union also battles, back when the prizes of the women were not equal to those of men. Tania won gold in Athens as top scorer of the tournament, here was the captain of long course that was to give that extra bit of experience.

But this was a global issue, not an individual one: the US were just stronger physically, technically and tactically, with people of ’98 as the small Musselman, art daughter of a former MLB pitcher, Jeff Musselman (Toronto Blue Jays and New York Mets), while his mother Karen was a swimmer and he also played football. Nearly twenty years apart and Tania could not be that the disappearance, even with a medal. magnificent -. He had made a bet with Fabio Conti who revealed after the final. “What was the bet?

A bullshit really. They have given a mobile phone to all athletes of the Olympic Games, not the coaches and then told me:” If we win the gold have I give you. “But I’m happy for her, which show the medal around his neck. she, too, when we crossed eyes, know that what we did is simply a sporting miracle. the most beautiful stages of the Olympiad? Surely prepare the final, come here to play for gold in this stage it happens a few times in the sport career and Tania happened twice.

We’ve put my heart, knowing that we had around his neck a medal but the girls gave their all in the water. This is the culmination of four years of work and a career for Tania. I always said that the girls did a slow but steady growth path, sometimes we had a bit of bad luck, like last year, losing on penalties before going into the final.

This year we did not appigliati in nes suna luck or bad luck, the medal we have earned it. ” And Tania goes fair, as the center ‘Frassinetti and all the others that will continue no longer the beacon. Another Tania Cagnotto is after the credits. We will understand only in a few years as the sport will miss Italian … From our correspondent Stefano Arcobelli  @ sarcobelli

August 16, 2016 – RIO DE JANEIRO The doubts had been lodged by the French press even before it began to play Canada-Italy. The game becomes a case. “I’ve played to your 100 percent?” The question comes direct to Ivan Zaytsev after the defeat to Canada when the players are still sweaty. A result that has put Brazil and France at a crossroads (actually things would not have been different even if Canada had lost 3-2, but that’s another story …).

And Ivan Zaytsev replied calmly. “We played to the best of our ability, but we could not win. Cookie: “As I said before the race with Canada: we do not make them biscuits. At best homemade ones …. I think that Canada has played a great match, had a lot of motivation. I that I left on the bench?

The idea that I was to let me rest for the match against Iran in the quarterfinals. What for us is very important. ” Blengini instructed company – The controversy turned on the company already after Italy had beaten Brazil and so it was not just some of the qualification and also the first place. “I do not read social and so do not know what people are saying. I just thought, talking to my staff, to handle some situations that were a priority (the two central injuries, plan in the stands on crutches, still sore Birarelli on the bench after ankle injury against the United States, ed) – says Blengini, the blues coach -.

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